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Having always been a keen creative, and a long time admirer and student of Art and design, I have built up a name for myself across multiple platforms over the years. Firstly being recognised in the music and entertainment industry, creating cover art and custom graphics for multiple big name artists and record labels. My portfolio boasts projects commissioned by artists signed to labels such as Island Records, Universal Music Group and Warner Brothers.

I have also gained a reputation in the corporate sector, gaining internal visual communications work for companies providing logistics for some of the biggest corporations in the UK, such as Marks & Spencer, FootAsylum and BBC to name a few. I have been lucky enough to provide bespoke print graphic work for companies employing in their thousands, with the sole purpose of engaging solely with internal customers.

Other work includes one off projects for commercial and independent businesses around the world, as well as a few personal projects such as delving into fashion and screen printing (I am a keen digital illustrator, where I have brought my previous education of Art into my work at times) whether it be for print or digital purposes, I am trained and educated on how to prepare and deliver work for all formats.

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